What Environmental Factors Can Affect Impotence

As we move into the twenty first century, one of the biggest problems that face men of all ages and races is impotence. Impotence is closely linked to our levels of self esteem and our psychological health, which makes it a good indicator of overall sexual health. Male impotence will affect almost all men at one point in their lives, and erectile dysfunction can be something that undermines male confidence making it very difficult to ask for help. It is a sad fact that of an estimated 150 million men worldwide who suffer from impotence, less than 10% will actually seek treatment.

There are 3 main causes of impotence, and these are physical, psychological, and external lifestyle factors. Although the internal factors are responsible for most cases of impotence, an increasing number of people are finding that erectile dysfunction an be worsened by lifestyle choices that they make, and by making changes to these aspects of their life, men can make changes that will allow them to overcome impotence.

In terms of their effect on impotence, the biggest lifestyle areas that need to be handled by men are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin and steroids, and obesity can all have a major impact on a man’s ability to get an erection and cause impotence. By giving up these vices and getting more exercise, you will find that you can improve the quality of your sex life, as well as boosting confidence through the enhanced production of testosterone.

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